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October 18, 2001

A 4-way stop community

I have been a resident of Eudora for eight years (with a 2-year hiatus). In those past eight years, I have watched this town go through a world of change. Besides the obvious growth explosion, traffic has become more plentiful. Drivers have become a little more rushed and a little less polite. School expansion is a necessity, but even with the current proposal, if Eudora keeps growing like it is, we'll be doing it all again within the next eight years.

I like living in a place where you know at least every third person you come across. I liked having the school news in the local paper. I like having a police report with only four or five entries each week. Right now, Eudora is still a place where I feel my children are safe and where one can get to know his neighbors.

I have lived in 25 homes, 11 towns, four states/provinces and two countries. When I stumbled across Eudora, it seemed like the perfect place to slow down. When the whole world is trying to figure out how much faster it can spin, it's nice to have a place to plant your feet and watch.

Change can be a positive thing. However, when you go so far with it that you begin to alter the very foundation of what your town's "personality" is built on, you've gone too far.

I believe the majority of Eudorans have made their views clear. We didn't want OZ. We don't care for the proposed townhomes and with every new development comes a fair share of protest. I realize you can't just stop time or progress. But isn't the very soul of every culture built on history, tradition, and a sense of stability?

I fear our children are going to grow and up say, "I'm from one of those towns in northeast Kansas, you know, they're all the same." I think we should try to preserve Eudora while it is still unique.

We, as a community, should work on what we do havethe school expansion and fixing up Main Street and the parksinstead of concentrating on what could make us more money or give us a bigger dot on the map. I think it is time to slow down and take a little pride in our community just as it is.

If people want to live in a town like Lawrencethere's one just down the road.

Erin Wellman


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