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November 14, 2002

Thank you, Eudora
On behalf of the city-wide food pantry, sponsored by the Eudora Ministerial Alliance and located at St. Paul United Church of Christ, thank you for all of the food items and cash donations so generously given in the past few weeks.
Many local families are being assisted by the food pantry, and it is thanks to regular donations by caring Eudora citizens that we are able to help those in need.
Our thanks also go to the Eudora Boy Scouts, who sponsor a major food drive every spring.
Thank you again for your
Laura Klotz
St. Paul UCC food pantry

Get a grip
You know, after reading all of the whining on the editorial page (about postponing trick-or-treating in Eudora in the Oct. 31 issue), I think I have it figured out. I know the problem. People think Halloween is a holiday. I don't think the banks were closed on Halloween. I think the government was still operating. By God, the schools were still open and I was at work.
People need to get a grip. Halloween is not a holiday. The city council acted on what it thought (correctly) is in the best interests of the entire town. This includes the safety of the children. For those of you that say, "Well they just shouldn't have scheduled the game that day," guess what: The city didn't schedule the game. Guess what: The school didn't schedule the game. Guess what: The Kansas State High School Activities Association did. The game is scheduled for a Thursday, because the high school playoffs started the following Tuesday, and this way the participants got four days off between games instead of three.
For all of you out there saying, "Well, he just doesn't have kids." Guess what: I do They aren't going to be scarred for life by delaying their trick or treating 24 hours.
Mike Kelso

Thanks, Dad
This past Monday we celebrated Veterans Day a day-off for some, a regular Monday for many, and a time to reflect for all.
I would like to take this opportunity to heartfully thank the countless veteran's who dedicated their time, talents, and their unwavering loyalty to this great country of ours. Without the commitment of these noble people our country would not be what it is today. Our freedom and the way that it affects our lives has become more precious than ever in light of recent events that have stunned our country.
My father, Vincent Miller, was a pilot in WWII, and I am pleased that he served his country and thankful that he survived and is able to share his many memories with us yet today. Thanks Dad, for the willingness to serve and the dedication and courage that you exemplified. You have made us so proud!
Reflect on how lucky we are, and be thankful that we live in the United States of America. God Bless America!
Karla Pierce

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