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November 27, 2002

Unique Eudora
I am writing this letter with concerns about the possibility of allowing the sale of fireworks within the city of Eudora and how it coincides with the new ban in Lawrence. I would just like to say that I hope the city of Lawrence will in no way affect your decision.
Lawrence is quickly becoming a town I would rather not live in. I remember the days I used to spend in Eudora as a kid with my cousins. It was great.
I still come to your town on a regular basis, especially to watch the Cards football games, which I must say have become a great tradition and a fun game atmosphere. Eudora is still the great town I remember it was 20 years ago.
Please do not let this misguided, misled city to your west change or influence your town in any way. Eudora is a great escape from Lawrence for many, and for me it may become a permanent escape someday if things here do not change in a hurry.
Matt L. Withers

Thank you, Cardinals
Hard work, determination and ability combined to create our Eudora Cardinal hometown champs (regardless of the score on Friday night). The countless hours practicing and devotion to the team paid off in an awesome season the coaches and players commitment to excellence gave the community a great group to rally around. Cardinal football is one of the greatest ties that bind Eudora the pride in our town, schools and students.
The coaching staff did a wonderful job recognizing the potential and ability of this great group of boys hats off to your guidance throughout the season.
The extraordinary leadership of the seniors: Dustin Moyer, Andrew Pyle, Mike Paxton and Joe Born to name just a few, provided an atmosphere of respect and determination to the game and team that led them to such a successful year.
The team and town should be very proud of the season they accomplished so much.
The Turnbaugh Family

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