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October 24, 2002

Good cheer

I am writing to respond to Janice Gezel's letter last week regarding the cheer clinic put on by the high school cheerleaders. I feel there are some clarifications that need to be made.

First of all, the $20 fee was not just for a T-shirt. The participants also received three hours of instruction plus snacks and the opportunity to perform twice once at the town pep rally and again at the pre-game. Before the clinic was even held, the cheerleaders spent many hours developing the routines they taught the girls.

The cheer clinic is the major fund-raiser for the cheerleaders. Uniform expenses, such as turtlenecks and leggings for the colder weather, were to be purchased by the individual members of the cheerleading squad this year. Instead of them going door-to-door to sell cookie dough, candles or pizzas, they put on a clinic to earn their money.

Another point that needs to be made is that they did not set the time of the performance, rather that is dictated by the various activities that go on during pre-game. Each girl received a letter to take home instructing them to be at the field by 6:15 for a 6:30 performance.

As for the town parade and pep rally time, that was also set because there can be no activities after 6:30 p.m. on a Wednesday evening, as that is designated as church/family night. This has been in effect in Eudora schools for many, many years.

Finally, I'd like to state that I felt the cheer clinic was the best one they have had in recent years. The dances and chants were much simpler for the girls to learn and I thought the performance was super. Thanks to our dedicated cheerleaders and their hardworking coaches for such an enjoyable addition to homecoming.

Rose House,


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