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September 12, 2002

Let's Roll
Rally 'Round the flag, Eudora.
Lest we forget those days of infamy: Dec. 7 and Sept. 11.
Let's show our love of God and country and fly our flags, giving thanks for our many blessings especially our freedom.
In the words of Todd Beamer: "Let's Roll!"
Clint and Joy Clouse,

National, personal tragedy
Roger and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary Sept. 3, 2001. As a way to really celebrate we were scheduled to fly to Maryland Sept. 12.
Well, of course that changed with the tragic events of 9-11, so we decided to go to Branson, Mo., for a few days. However, the peace and rest we had hoped for was difficult to find when the news continued to display the terrible sights of the disaster.
Our son John is in the Marine Reserves. The morning President Bush announced that he was sending out thousands of reservists, our hearts sank. But, as we have learned over all these wonderful years together, God is in charge. Faith replaced fear and so far John has not been called. Thank God.
But, we did return to our own tragedy, for we came back to find Roger without a job. Once again, faith replaced fear and helped us overcome, at least partially, the tremendous pain. Not to mention the love and support of our 12 wonderful children.
As many who felt pain even deeper than we did, we are going on with our lives. Roger will have been at his new job a year in October, and we are going to celebrate our 25th anniversary all over again with a Caribbean cruise.
God, as always, has a plan for all of us, and He has been so good to us. I pray the same peace and healing for all those families of 9-11 and America.
Bernadette Fulks

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