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Middle school track results

April 24, 2003

Seventh-grade girls
The Eudora Middle School seventh-grade girls team won the Spring Hill Middle School track meet April 15 with 87 points. Prairie View was second with 45. Spring Hill finished third with 44 and Wellsville had 38.

Shot put: Chelsea Carnagie, third; Amanda Graff, fifth.
Discus: Kayci Vickers, second.
High jump: Nicole Snider, first, 4-0; Jessica Ruff, third.
100-meter hurdles: Kaitlyn Werst, fifth.
100: Emily Ballock, first, 13.49; Brittany Murphy, second; Tia Garrison, fourth; Kim Scherman, fifth.
1600: Katelyn Reese, third.
400-meter relay: Nicole Snider, Mary Braught, Kaitlyn Werst, Michelle Smith -- first, 59.46.
100: Emily Ballock, first, 1:06.86; Snider, third; Kayla Gilroy, fourth; Amanda Schneider, fifth.
800 relay: Heather Whitten, Michelle Smith, Chastity Johnson, Tia Garrison -- first, 2:11.85.
800: Murphy, second; Lauren Colman, third.
200: Emily Ballock, first, 30.21; Scherman, third.
Medley relay: Lori Wyrick, Michelle Smith, Heather Whitten, Brittany Murphy -- first, 2:22.66.
1600 relay: Chastity Johnson, Katherine Klotz, Katelyn Reese, Kaitlyn Werst -- third.

Eighth-grade girls
The eighth-grade girls team placed second at the Spring Hill Middle School track meet April 15 with 59 points. Wellsville was first with 73 points. Spring Hill finished third with 58 and Prairie View had 36.

3200: Brittany Graff, second.
Shot put: Jessi Cobb, fourth.
Discus: Cobb, second; Amber Jurkovich, fifth.
High jump: Erin Kracl, first, 4-8.
Pole vault: Melissa Fernandez, first, 7-0.
100-m hurdles: Melissa Fernandez, second.
100: Fernandez, first, 14.25; Caitlyn Riser, third.
1600: Mary Cox, third.
400 relay: Kelly Harrell, Katelyn Harrell, Erin Kracl, Beth Folks -- fourth.
800 relay: Amanda Basel, Caitlyn Riser, Jessica Stewart, Brin McLees -- third.
800: Brittany Graff, second.
200: Erin Kracl, second.
Medley relay: Kelly Harrell, Katelyn Harrell, Basel, Folks -- third.
1600 relay: Mary Cox, Christina Pyle, Jessica Stewart, Paige Lindburg -- second.

Seventh-grade boys
The Eudora Middle School seventh-grade boys team won the Spring Hill Middle School track meet April 15 with 60 points. Wellsville was second with 58. Spring Hill finished third with 53 and Prairie View had 44.

Shot put: Morgan Abel, third.
High jump: Matthew Abel, second.
Long jump: Morgan Abel, first, 13-8; Kelson Boyer, second.
100: Travis Clarke, third.
1600: Connor Hartpence, second; Jared Botello, third; Matt Lawrence, third.
400 relay: Connor Hartpence, Morgan Abel, Matthew Abel, Jordan Katzfey -- second.
400: Clarke, second; Jordan Katzfey, third.
800 relay: Jared Botello, Brynnen Webb, Dylan Rust, Jacob Cox -- fourth.
800: Kelson Boyer, third; Jacob Cox, fifth.
200: Travis Clarke, first, 30:31; Logan Hartpence, fifth.
Medley relay: Logan Hartpence, Matthew Abel, Chase Rust, Connor Hartpence -- third.
1600 relay: Botello, Kelson Boyer, Logan Hartpence, Katzfey -- second.

Eighth-grade boys
The middle school eighth-grade boys team finished second in the Spring Hill Middle School track meet April 15 with 65 points. Spring Hill finished first with 74 points. Wellsville scored 40 and Prairie View had 34.

Shot put: Max Alvarez, fourth.
High jump: Tim DeArmond, first, 4-10.
Pole vault: Austin Hoover, second; Michael Whitten, third; David Westerhouse, fourth; Raymond Wellman, fifth (tie).
3200: Cody Burns, first, 12:20; Jared Reetz, fourth.
1600: Tim DeArmond, first, 5:59; Chad Haag, third.
400 relay: Whitten, DeArmond, Austin Hoover, Mason McCurdy -- first, 53.01.
800 relay: Raymond Wellman, Josh Turnbaugh, Austin Hoover, John Jones -- third.
800: Tim DeArmond, second; McCurdy, third; David Westerhouse, fourth; Chad Haag, fifth.
200: Josh Turnbaugh, third.
Medley relay: Whitten, Raymond Wellman, Cody Burns, Mason McCurdy -- second.
1600 relay: Kent Abel, Jared Reetz, Cody Burns, David Westerhouse -- third.

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