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Christmas spirit prevails

December 24, 2003

I was sitting in my lounge chair by the fireplace watching television (Dec. 17) when suddenly my front door opened and in walked my 16-year-old grandson stating quietly, "Grandma, you have visitors."
Looking out on to my dark porch, I saw many shadowed faces. I whipped on my tree lights nearby and snapped on the adjoining garage lights, and behold, about 30 smiling "angel faces" were gazing at me and ready to sing some Christmas carols.
I became overwhelmed with a deep joy that these high school kids would come out on a cold, winter night and sing for me and others in the community. What a great feeling of love and joy I experienced.
Thank you "beautiful angels" for remembering me and others this 2003 Christmas. God bless you all.
Mary Ann Schopper

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