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Comp plan outlines commercial development

July 10, 2003

Eudorans will have quite a few more chances to review a draft of the city's comprehensive plan before they have the opportunity to speak out about the document. The Eudora Planning Commission decided at its July meeting to hold off scheduling a public hearing on the comprehensive plan until its next meeting, Aug. 6.
Initially it was thought a public hearing would take place next month, but some commissioners said they needed more time to review the document thoroughly.
"I've read it in detail -- I like it," said Commission Chairman Kurt von Achen. "This is a really important document that's going to have to do with things for a long time."
Copies are available to the public through Eudora City Hall, 4 E. Seventh St.
The city's planning consultants at Bucher, Willis and Ratliff were nearly done with the document and simply need to get together with the city, said consultant Sean Ackerson.
"We've beat it to death internally," he said.
Commission member Richard Campbell said the document's importance was underscored by the fact that each developer looking at Eudora would consult the comprehensive plan. Campbell said he struggled with the plan's idea of suggesting the corners of 28th and Church streets for commercial development.
"I think our biggest problem is going to be, where do we zone commercial?" he said.
That intersection was identified as a potential commercial area, Ackerson said, because of its location at the crossroads of what will become two heavily-traveled streets and the need for neighborhood commercial businesses as Eudora grows south of Kansas Highway 10. The idea, he said, was to have neighborhood commercial development like that at 10th and Church streets.
Moreover, the size drawn for commercial development there were only a guide, he said.
"We think we've probably overdrawn the commercial areas at those sections," Ackerson said.
Campbell said he was concerned developers would expect to be allowed commercial development in areas designated on the comprehensive plan, but Ackerson reminded the Commission that the plan wasn't a legally-binding document.
"Just because it's shown in yellow on the comprehensive plan doesn't mean it fits at the time (of rezoning)," Ackerson said of the 20-year plan.
Moreover, von Achen said, the comprehensive plan was intended to be updated, too.
The Commission meets again at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 6 at City Hall.

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