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Voting honors those fighting to expand freedom

March 27, 2003

Pests and naggers are not popular. But we tolerate those people who remind us to wear seatbelts, stop smoking and watch our diets because we know they have our best interests at heart.

So, we are going to make our by-now customary pre-election appeal that registered voters turn in advance ballots or go to the polls Tuesday. Local voters will elect USD 491 School Board members and determine the future of the Eudora City Council. Those candidates elected will make important decisions about our children's education and the level of services we receive from the city. They will also determine the budgets of the school district and city, and therefore, our taxes.

In addition, Eudora voters will decide the fate of the $2.5 million bond issue that would build a new swimming pool. It is both a pocketbook and quality of life issue.

Although local elections tend to have the lowest voter turnout, they offer voters more bang for their buck. The smaller elections allow an individual voter's vote a much greater voice on the outcome and, consequently, far greater impact on policy.

If self-interest isn't enough motivation, as pests we will remind voters that the election will occur in the shadow of war. Young men and women are fighting and dying to bring the democratic processes to Iraq. We honor them by doing our duty as citizens.

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