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City repairing streets for the long haul

October 23, 2003

While the city pushes forward with a long-term solution to roadway deterioration on 14th and 15th streets west of Church, it can in the meanwhile remove excess gravel and temporarily patch the asphalt.
The Eudora City Council's consensus Oct. 13 was to go with the most costly repair option that also carries with it the greatest longevity, 20 or more years. The plan would remove the existing roadways and rebuild them with new curbs and add left turn lanes and sidewalks for an estimated nearly $500,000.
"To me, if we're going to do this, we ought to do it right," Mayor Ron Conner said.
Cecil Kingsley of the city's engineering firm said it made the most sense to put left hand turn lanes on both streets now to alleviate current traffic flow problems and to anticipate for increased southbound traffic in the future. He said the city also had the purview to assess property to pay for the sidewalks, which Conner said he thought would be more appropriate to do on 15th street rather than on 14th.
The Council agreed the project -- which could be done as soon as spring 2004 -- should be financed through temporary notes. City Administrator Mike Yanez said they gave the city fast cash but just four years to pay it off. That was why, if the city chose, it could refinance the temporary notes into general obligation bonds in the future.
In that way, Conner said, the city could lump this project with others it might have upcoming, such as an expansion of Church Street. He also estimated the mill levy might have to increase two or two and a half mills, depending on how much the city grows.
Council member Scott Hopson said to pay off debts for the project the city should look at a variety of solutions.
"We need to look at every option," he said. "Raising taxes ought to be the last option."
The Council agreed to pursue a Wichita firm as its financial adviser.

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