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September 4, 2003

7 years ago
September 1996
The Eudora Board of Education added three more classroom teachers at a special session, thus taking the district to four sections at each grade level one through six.
Tempest Stein was approved as the fourth fifth-grade teacher. Kim Riddle was hired as the fourth third-grade teacher, and Joy Rockers took a fourth fourth-grade section.
¢ Seniors on the Eudora High School football team were Nick Warren, Joe Miller, Patrick Everley, Darrin Bretthauer, Matt Self, Matt Spring, David Warmker, Jason Coppedge and Justin Hime. Seniors on the cross country team were Daniel Broers, Abram Chrislip, Kenan Staples, Eric Bloom, Matt Conner, Gi Stein and Kris Neis. Volleyball seniors were Shannon Gardner, Sarah Martin and Jaime Ziesenis.
¢ The Holmes-Kindred reunion was at Eudora City Hall. Those attending from Eudora were Byron and Clara Eisele, Carrol and Eva Belle Gerstenberger, Louie and Elva Kindred, Eva Deonier and Edna Holmes.
¢ For more than a year, Douglas County officials had been looking into alternatives to the current way emergency medical services were handled in the county. It wasn't finalized, but officials were leaning toward a cooperative agreement between the City of Lawrence Fire Department and Douglas County Ambulance Service.

67 years ago
September 1936
Eudora received favorable publicity when a large crowd was at the opening celebration of Highway No. 10 under the floodlights on the high school athletic field. It was estimated 3,000 people were present. The Lawrence Chamber of Commerce joined the Eudora Community Club in making the event the "greatest ever held within the city limits of Eudora." The celebration was because of the opening of the last five miles of Highway No. 10 between Lawrence and Eudora.
The Lawrence radio station WREN broadcast the event, and Gov. Alf M. Landon's secretary, Willard Mayberry, was a guest speaker. He talked about transportation and progress. Other speakers from the state highway commission, county commission and Lawrence Chamber also spoke.
Following the speaking, the Eudora Community Band played two pieces, followed by a boxing battle in which six Lawrence boys took part. A tug-of-war followed between Fritz Meyn's 12 heavies of Lawrence, who were defeated by 12 Eudora heavyweights.
The Eudora tug-of-war team consisted of R.W. Kerr, Fred Pfleger, Charles Terrell, John Bowen, Dale Nichols, Ralph Terrell, Erwin Kanzig, George Gerstenberger, Roy Daugherty, Ray Stroud, Pete Neis and Joe Eder.
A large delegation from Lawrence escorted by three motorcycle officers came over the new highway with sirens wide open. It was estimated more than 100 cars were in the caravan.
¢ Will Mertz, who more than a year before had his right knee badly crushed by a truck backing into him while at work for the Meridan Creamery Company in Kansas City and who had been incapacitated since, had the knee operated on at Research Hospital in Kansas City.
¢ The eighth annual reunion of the descendants of George and Catherine Day took place at Brown's grove.
The oldest member of the Deay family present was W.J. Deay, Eudora. The youngest member was Duane Haverty, also of Eudora.

76 years ago
September 1927
A robber entered Eudora Department Store and ransacked the stock on the first floor. Stolen were $200 worth of jewelry, five dozen pairs of ladies silk hose, nine pairs of Fitz overalls, one dozen men's dress shirts, one ladies rain coat, and $25 cash. Bloodhounds from Kansas City were employed but could not locate the criminal.
¢ Loren Hadl caught his foot under the crankshaft of the gas engine on the farm and tore and crushed his foot badly. The wound required eight stitches.
¢ Harry Broers took first place in the CPA Picnic hog calling contest. Second place was Louis Bartz. In the chicken calling contest, Bertha Lucas took first and Mrs. Frank Neis and Mrs. C.E. Harbour tied for second. Louis Schendel won the fat man's race, and Mrs. John Crawford won the fat lady's race.
The prettiest baby boy under one year was Raymond Bagby and second place was Charley Bill Wood. Marilyn Mae Rosenau was the prettiest baby girl under one year, and Doris Vitt placed second.
¢ J.M. Tarleton showed a cucumber that weighed 3 pounds and 11 ounces and was 13 1/2 inches long and 11 1/4 inches in circumference.

94 years ago
September 1909
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, visited relatives and friends in town for several days.
¢ Sophia Borer was clerking at Arnold's Department Store.
¢ Minnie McCrea was visiting relatives and friends in Bloomington, Ill.
¢ Potato digging in the Kaw Valley was in progress. John Moody and Conrad Altenbernd had banner crops, with potatoes making a yield of 200 bushels per acre.
¢ Friends and patrons of Hesper Academy celebrated the 25th anniversary of the founding of the house of learning. There was an all-day picnic with a big dinner in the grove that surrounded the school grounds. President Edmund Stanley of Friends University of Wichita made an address. Several graduates of the school also spoke.

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