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December 16, 2004

The best publicity most homework assignments can hope for is a posting on the family refrigerator. But Eudora High School senior Julie White will see her work plastered on T-shirts and posted on buttons passed around to students across the country.
White attends the graphic communication program at the Countryside Learning Center in De Soto, part of the vocational education cooperative the Eudora and De Soto school districts share. White won a statewide contest to design T-shirts and pins for Kansas students attending the Skills USA conference in Kansas City, Mo., in June 2005. Skills USA is a national technology education students' organization.
Jim Lynch, White's instructor at Countryside, said about 13,000 people usually attended the annual conference. Kansas students will wear the T-shirts and exchange Kansas pins with students other states represented at the conference.
Lynch said White beat out about 50 other competitors from across Kansas. White was surprised to learn both her entries won in the separate contests.
Designing the pin involved literal interpretation.
"I wanted something with the state of Kansas," she said. "I liked the American flag because it's patriotic, and (the conference) is called Skills USA."
Getting the American flag in the numerals 2005 required White to use font design software, one of several graphics, layout and photography programs for computer she's learning to use this semester at Countryside. Next semester, White said she and her classmates would learn more about the printing process.
The T-shirt design came second fiddle, White said. After completing the pin's design, she threw together the construction-themed design with help from an already-existing template.
"Clip art helps," she said.
In class, White said she and her classmates were working on holiday gift projects, like making designs for T-shirts, mugs, computer mouse pads, and the like.
"I've made a lot of luggage tags," she said.
Ultimately, White wants to design magazine advertising for shoes, perfumes, shampoos and other such products. In the meantime, White said she pored over magazines, clipping and keeping ad designs she liked.

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