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Prejudicial plan

February 19, 2004

I was appalled to hear about Bush's ridiculous notion of barring "non-traditional marriage." How can we allow these things to take place?
Our forefathers wrote the Constitution to protect the rights of the people and say "no" to the British rule. Now Bush wants to enact legislation to squash those rights. As if they haven't been masticated enough throughout his term in office and over the course of the past several decades. I say the Redcoats are not coming; they're here.
Amending the Constitution to require discrimination would be unprecedented. By writing discrimination into the Constitution for the first time, the Federal Marriage Amendment would contradict the principle of equal protection for all and undermine the integrity of our Constitution.
As a constantly evolving social institution, marriage should not be codified in the Constitution. Restricting the definition of marriage in the Constitution would undermine the democratic process and would bind future generations to the current perceptions of one limited segment of society.
Adopting the proposed amendment would prevent courts from exercising their constitutional power to protect individual rights.
The amendment defies fundamental principles of fairness and equality. Because we are not allowed to marry, same-sex couples are currently excluded from the more than 1,000 legal protections and benefits of marriage provided by state and federal laws. Excluding couples from these protections because of their sexual orientation amounts to discrimination that contradicts the principle of equality on which this nation was founded.
Pass legislation to allow more of our rights to be flushed down the toilet? I think not.
Cheyenne Dakota

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