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Highway traffic contributes to rate of vehicle offenses

January 29, 2004

When it comes to property crime like burglaries and vandalism, Police Chief Greg Dahlem thinks Eudora is pretty well off for a town its size. Eudora recorded 30 burglaries, including aggravated and auto, in 2003.
"As far as burglaries go, I would say that's really low," Dahlem said. "That's a really low number, especially the way the town's growing."
Beginning last year, the Eudora Police Department began keeping crime statistics on site whereas before they were stored through Douglas County. Some statistics from the 2003 offense reports appear below.
The offense report statistics are what the Eudora police send to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.
However, they do not represent all calls police officers make, as they don't include municipal citations, like traffic tickets, and calls for barking dogs and security alarms.
"These guys are busting their butts," Dahlem said. "We're not just sitting around the C&S parking lot all of the time."
That can be exemplified through the number of last year's DUI offenses, which Dahlem estimated were about on par with those filed by sheriff deputies. Eudora police tallied 36 DUIs, in addition to four for driving while restricted and 57 for driving while suspended.
The proximity of Kansas Highway 10 contributed to the number of traffic offenses, Dahlem said, as well as who was getting them. He estimated at least 25 percent if not more of the traffic offenses weren't committed by Eudorans but rather by those from out-of-town.
Looking at other crime statistics, residents shouldn't necessarily be weary of their fellow Eudorans. Although all burglaries Eudora police worked were committed in Eudora, Dahlem said some information pointed to suspects from out of town. And crime statistics shouldn't spark fears of strangers lurking behind bushes, either: Of the 54 batteries reported last year, 30 were cases of domestic battery.
Of the two rapes reported in 2003, one case was solved and determined not to have been rape. The second case, Dahlem said, was still under investigation, and he said police expected to have something solid in the next couple of weeks.
The Eudora Fire Department also tracks the number of fire calls throughout the year. Read next week's Eudora News for more information.

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