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June 17, 2004

I just wanted to send a thank you to Adam Hooker on his wonderful write-up on the Eudora High School baseball team and their coach. My nephew Troy VanHorn played on the team, and we drove 420 miles from southwest Kansas to watch them play that Thursday (May 20) before graduation on Sunday.
I thought the crowd and the kids that were there did really well handling the crowd from Bishop Ward. There were no rude remarks or anything like that from the Eudora crowd after the game, just a lot of love, tears and heartfelt compassion for the coach and all the boys for all the hard work they had done this season. They have no reason to hang their heads but to be proud in what they accomplished.
I wish all the players that are going to be there next year the best of luck and all the ones that were seniors best of luck in what they will be doing elsewhere. Thanks again for the great stories.
Carla Showers

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