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Eudoran kickstarting martial arts program

May 13, 2004

Instructor Bill Brune makes no apologies for the type of martial arts program he will offer through Eudora Parks and Recreation beginning this summer.
"This is not pretty stuff to make people happy," Brune said. "What we are doing is really serious. This is not playtime."
Unlike some programs that focus on the fluidity of stances, the recreation's program will focus on contact -- using safety gear -- once students are ready. Part of the learning process, Brune said, was learning how to deal with the student's emotional response that comes naturally when hit.
"It's really hard to learn Karate if you're not getting punched," he said. "We make them mad on purpose and (they) get past that."
The classes, which begin next month, will start out at a basic level. The first three-month session will be an open session, after which classes could be formed on areas of interest or ability. Brune's plan is to teach Karate, Tae Kwon Do, then moving into Jujitsu.
Some students were more interested in fighting moves while others gravitated toward the poetry and artistry of stances, Brune said.
Part of Brune's method of teaching martial arts involves the history of martial arts from its origins in the southern tip of India, as well as an emphasis on seniority and experience. With that respect comes responsibility, too.
"(They) will help people who don't have the experience," Brune said.
The first session, beginning June 18, is family-oriented, meaning parents and children are welcome to attend together. Brune said his requirements for a martial arts student was that they be able to pay attention for an entire class, which usually described children no younger than 4 years old.
The classes are tentatively planned for Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m., depending on students' schedules. At the end of the three-month session, students will be able to test to earn a designation. Currently a second-degree black belt, Brune said he now could certify anyone up to a first-degree black belt. However, once students reached that level Brune anticipated he, too, would have advanced.
The classes are $35 a month, or $105 for the session. Registration is open until the first class, but those wanting to register now or to get more information may call the city's recreation department at 542-1725.
"It's good to see the development," Brune said of teaching martial arts. "I like to see the growth and the improvement in their abilities."

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