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Project show turns high school commons into gallery

May 13, 2004

Often times, the best publicity student work can expect is a posting on the family refrigerator. But thanks to the Eudora High School project show Tuesday night, students' work found a more prominent showcase.
"It's not everything we've done," said industrial arts teacher Dale Hofer. "I told everybody to bring their best work."
Parents, students and other visitors milled about the high school commons and hallways Tuesday while perusing students' work. Hofer's students contributed pieces that ranged from bed frames and Hoosier cabinets to high chairs and cradles, much of the furniture having been done in the Mission style.
"I don't tell them what to make," he said. "But Mission is easily built -- it's straight lines."
Sophomore cabinet-making student Kyle Reynolds used a woodworking magazine to get the plans for his end tables that were on display Tuesday. But after the show, Reynolds will have to part with his creations.
"My mom wanted nightstands," Reynolds said of his decision-making process.
Also on display were works of art ranging from traditional forms like sculpture and painting to digital photography pieces. Much to the chagrin of art teachers Amy Gingrich and Gary Hinman, most of the students' best work found its way to their bedroom walls and rarely back to the project show.
Despite this being the first year the project show wasn't done in conjunction with a concert taking place at the high school, Gingrich and Hinman said they were pleased with the turnout. Visitors wound their way around the high school's hallways-turned-galleries to view students' pieces, some of which were ribbon-winners in the recent league art show.
Although Paige Lindburg said she preferred two-dimensional art endeavors like painting, the freshman art student chose a sculpture of a beetle to display at the show.
"I was just looking through a magazine and found a picture of a beetle," Lindburg said of her inspiration. "I thought it would be cool."

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