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Freedom in America

October 28, 2004

I recently placed a small political sign in a prominent location in Eudora with permission. There were no other signs in the yard. A few days later, the sign was gone.
I know emotions are running high now in the days before the general election, but having your blood curdle to the point where you take down the "opposition's" sign is unhealthy and un-American.
One of the freedoms we enjoy in America is the freedom to express different opinions, support different candidates, and to have fair elections. I suspect the person who took my sign down supports our current president's simplistic rhetoric that we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan now because the "terrorists hate freedom" and therefore we need to kill them.
So we have committed hundreds of thousands of troops and reservists and billions of dollars toward this effort allegedly to preserve our freedom, but we cannot uphold a simple tenant of freedom of speech through the display of a yard sign.
This causes me to pause and wonder what the future of our nation holds for us. How are we going to solve some of our biggest problems and injustices like nuclear proliferation, the handling and storage of nuclear waste, health care, jobs, the environment, declining oil reserves, the disposal of unborn babies through abortion (just to mention a few challenges) if we don't believe in and support the freedom to have constructive dialogue and allow different opinions to be expressed
So, the next time you see a political sign that makes you cringe, don't be part of the problem by pulling the sign out. Rather, think of ways you can become part of the solution.
Dr. Peter Bock

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