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Applauding Moore

August 11, 2005

ding Moore

When our elected officials stand up for their constituents knowing full well it may not play well with some special interests, they deserve our public praise.

Such is the case with Rep. Dennis Moore, with his recent vote to support the Dominican Republic and Central American Free Trade Agreement.

Rep. Moore showed courage and honor in breaking ranks with his party leadership to do the right thing for the people of Kansas, even amidst threats of political retaliation from labor unions.

Increased access to the global market will have significant long-term impact on the lives of agricultural producers in the state of Kansas. The elimination of unfair importation tariffs will lead to an additional yearly increase in earnings that will literally run into the millions of dollars.

Rep. Moore's vote was a clear victory for farmers and ranchers of Kansas. We recognize this was a particularly difficult decision for Rep. Moore and applaud him for doing what the voters of our state's 3rd Congressional District sent him to Washington to do -- protect their interests.

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