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Cozy village’ changing

July 14, 2005

Having grown up in Eudora, I read The Eudora News weekly online and have read with interest the controversy surrounding the proposed liquor store on Main Street.
I have lived in Texas for more than 20 years and live in a community similar in size to the Eudora area.
A few years ago we had a similar situation. A longtime resident and community leader bought an old firehouse located in the historical district of our community with the intention of putting in a liquor store. Needless to say he met similar opposition.
Ultimately the abandoned firehouse was restored and "Fire House Liquors" opened for business. When the surrounding businesses and residents saw the aesthetic improvements made by the new liquor store, yards began to be cleaned up, houses painted and yards landscaped. In addition, different businesses refurbished old homes and moved into the neighborhood, and what was once street after street of dilapidated and boarded up homes and businesses has once again become a thriving and attractive neighborhood of our community.
Having been a teenager in Eudora where pretty much everyone knows whose kid you are, I find it unlikely that the youth of Eudora are going to go to a liquor store on Main Street to buy their illegal liquor when the risk is too great that someone who knows their parents will see them.
It all comes down to responsibility and accountability. Everyone including the liquor store/manager, city leaders and law enforcement need to be diligent in enforcing the state's liquor laws regarding selling to minors.
I understand the concerns about what effect this liquor store could have on downtown Eudora, but if my city's experience is any indication it could most definitely have a positive effect on the community.
Like it or not, the "cozy little village" that we all sang about is changing. Perhaps it is time for everyone to embrace that change and focus on creating ordinances concerning the appearance of all downtown businesses that would maintain its long held charm.
Lanie May-Brown
Orange, Texas

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