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Why change now?

July 14, 2005

Have you ever wondered why so many people are moving to Eudora -- or want to?
Could it be because of the peaceful, small-town atmosphere without a liquor store?
Eudora has survived and prospered without such an establishment for all these years. Why change now? I believe we have more to lose than to gain.
We know where we've been and we know where we are now. We just don't know what the future holds. Whatever it is, it's in our hands and now is the time for decisions.
In light of what happened July 7 in London, let's take another look at flying our flags.
How cool would it be to be the only town in our dear old USA to have a flag flying at every home and establishment, and the only town without a liquor store?
That would be something to be proud of, in my opinion.
May God continue to bless America.
Joy Clouse

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