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Kudos to speaker

June 2, 2005

Thank you, Patrick Everley, for coming and speaking at the Eudora High School Class of 2005 graduation ceremony.

I am honored that I got to hear you speak, and was impressed with not only your knowledge and passion about your work, but by the way you handled the inappropriate outburst from one member of the audience.

As a friend and loved one of someone with cancer, I applaud you and pray that you are successful in your endeavor and that one day you are "out of work."

As a member of this community, I am ashamed that our family and friends from out of town had to witness such an unpleasant incident.

As the parent of a graduate, I am proud of how our students handled the blatant lack of respect and disruption of "their" celebration.

As an employee of the school district, I am proud of our administrators for the way they handled the situation and for taking steps to try and prevent such from happening again.

As a Christian, I know everything happens for a reason and there were many valuable lessons learned on that Sunday afternoon.

Janet Stewart


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