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Wrestling club remains active

June 2, 2005

Channeling Mark Twain, Jim Goodwin said rumors of the Eudora Wrestling Club's demise are very much exaggerated.

An article in the May 26 The Eudora News said the new Cardinal Junior Wrestling Club "replaces" the established Eudora Wrestling Club.

"We're still here," said Goodwin, a coach with the club. "We're still going to be around. There are going to be two clubs."

The nine-year-old club just concluded its most successful year, Goodwin said. It had four boys qualify for the state finals in Brandon Goodwin, Mark Brune, Levi Green and Siam Boyd. His son Brandon won a state championship in the 16-and-under, 100-pound class; Brune was runner up in the 12-and-under, 60-pound division and Boyd and Green were among the club's young wrestlers turning heads among rivals, Goodwin said.

He and the other volunteer coaches devote a great deal of time to the club, especially on tournament Saturdays, Goodwin said.

The club depends on donations and memberships, Goodwin said. Team members pay a fee of $55 to join the club. With that they get a USA Wrestling card, T-shirt and uniform. The rest of the money goes to operating cost.

Participation in tournaments cost responsible, Goodwin said. Help is available for those in need, he said.

The club is the host of a tournament in January or February and after that picks up the tab for the rest of the year, Goodwin said.

Personality clashes among parents led to the formation of the new club, Goodwin said. In that atmosphere, he wanted to assure parents and kids that the Eudora Wrestling Club would still be around and kids wrestling would still be available in the community.

"I don't want the kids to have to suffer," he said. "The most important thing is kids keep wrestling next year.

"We hope to keep going so we can stockpile the middle school and high school with quality wrestlers for years to come. That's what this is all about."

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