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Eudora Ready for a Fourth of July show

June 30, 2005

Eudora is in store for a Fourth of July to remember.

The Independence Day holiday has been a project for Eudora Parks and Recreation Director Bobby Arnold, and he's predicting this year's city-sponsored event will out-sizzle last year's pyrotechnic show.

"It should be better than last year," Arnold said. "Last year was pretty spectacular and we're doing more with the fireworks this year."

The fireworks celebration, which will take place at dusk Monday night at the Eudora Middle School parking lot, is just one aspect of the town's celebration of the July 4 holiday.

For those who want a pre-holiday cool-down, the Eudora swimming pool will be open until midnight Friday night. The admission fee is the same as it is for the rest of the summer -- $1 for children and $2 for adults.

Then, Arnold figures, personal fireworks will be common throughout the town.

"Get ready for WWII out there; you'll be walking and driving at your own peril," Arnold said. "It's really spectacular here, fireworks everywhere."

The upcoming barrage of sparklers and firecrackers has Eudora's finest keeping a watchful eye.

"Fireworks sometimes have a mind of their own and go in directions you don't want them to go," Eudora Police Chief Greg Dahlem said.

That warning echoes the words of Eudora EMS representative Jim Kerby.

He said it's important to keep water handy and shoot off fireworks near a damp area. He suggested using a garden hose and wetting down the area where the fireworks will be launched.

By the time the fireworks start lighting up Eudora's skies, the city's celebration will have been going on for several hours.

Starting at 7 p.m. in the middle school parking lot, deejay Rex Burkhardt will spin some patriotic tunes for the holiday revelers.

As local residents gather to celebrate Independence Day, Dahlem said, they should also be concerned with the heat.

"They are planning for extreme temperatures," Dahlem said. "Dress accordingly and try not to overdo it."

Eudora resident Jim Hoover designed both this year's and last year's display, Arnold said.

"We encourage people to get there early and get their parking spot."

Fireworks safety

Here are some tips from the Kansas State Fire Marshal to keep the Fourth of July holiday safe:
¢ Buy fireworks from a reputable dealer.
¢ Purchase only fireworks approved for discharge in the area (bottle rockets and similar fireworks attached to sticks are illegal in Eudora)
¢ Wear eye protection
¢ Never try to light a firework more than once
¢ Keep fireworks out of the reach of children
¢ Never aim or shoot fireworks at someone
¢ Always keep water nearby
¢ Do not shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers
Source: Kansas State Fire Marshal

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