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Coach hopes hustle, hard work defines new era of basketball

November 17, 2005

The screeching sounds of skin on basketball court and an in-depth lesson in taking a charge Monday ushered in a new era of hustle as the 2005-2006 boys basketball season got underway.

There were some familiar faces on the court as players swarmed on defense and alerted teammates to a possible screen.

But watching over it all was the new face of the Eudora Cardinals boys basketball team.

Head coach Kyle Deterding presided over his first practice as the Cardinals skipper and found some of things to his liking.

"The first day of practice went well," Deterding said. "We are looking forward to the season."

Deterding, who played basketball at Baker University, steps in for retired Eudora coach Scott Stein. Stein's Cardinals finished last year with a 6-14 record and a first round sub-state exit.

While the new head coach brings a different approach to the game than his predecessor, he knows such changes will take some time.

"We are doing some things a little different than they have in the past," Deterding said. "It's going to take us a little while to get everyone on the same page."

The team spent the majority of the day sorting out defensive strategies and ways of getting the ball into a high-percentage shot zone.

Delivering the ball to scoring threats was one of Deterding's strengths during his playing days at Baker, where he holds the all-time career record for assists.

But the main theme of the day still seemed to be hustle as the new head coach used drills that involved diving out of bounds to save an errant pass as methods to see what he had.

"So far the effort and the enthusiasm are great," Deterding said.

As the new head coach tries to see what he has in the form of newcomers, he seems to already understand what he has in the form of his upperclassmen.

The Cardinals return seniors like Mark Abel, Luke Abel and Rodney Spillman, all of whom logged significant minutes a year ago.

Mark Abel was a consistent shooting threat from the outside, while Luke Abel brings a veteran presence at the point guard position. Both are currently hampered by injuries sustained during the football season, however.

All of these returning seniors can help make a coach's job a little easier with their experience, particularly in the case of a new head coach with a large group of underclassman.

"I think the seniors will be a good bunch of leaders for our underclassmen to follow."

Deterding said.

With the leadership and hustle exerted by his brand new team, Deterding and the Cardinals may have a successful season ahead of them.

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