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Another wonderful weekend

Clouds, rain can’t keep EudoraFest from flying high

October 6, 2005

Eudora's festival of leaves didn't fall short.
The draw of the ninth annual EudoraFest filled Main Street Saturday with droves of people.
When the rains came down in a drizzle down late in the day, many had already experienced a full taste of the festivities.
Early on, little ones danced, sang and smiled their way to the delight of crowds clustered in front of a mobile stage. As the little girls donned costumes and displayed their creative range, each strove to see who would be crowned this year's Miss EudoraFest.
Later on, tractor engines rumbled as contestants tried to outdo their competitors and pull the most weight on metal sleds.
Vendors sold wares that ran the gamut from nutritional health supplements to glass etchings.
The clouds came and went, but the festival was alive and well.
Organizer Barbara Tuttle, with the help of the EudoraFest committee pulled off the event after voicing concerns about the amount of volunteers to plan and run the event.
Both local and regional businesses cooked up a world of cuisine for the festival-goers.
The variety, which encompassed everything from chicken curry to corndogs, caught the interest of Mark and Jennifer Anderson.
"We're looking forward to the different kinds of food," Mark Anderson said.
Others enjoyed the pure entertainment the festival had to offer.
At certain times during the day, gunshots echoed across the streets. The loud noise caused startled looks from newcomers, but for those familiar with EudoraFest the blasts were nothing new. Each pop signaled the presence of the Kansas River Gang, a troupe of performers who frequent the festival.
While the rooting and tooting of the Kansas River Gang appealed to all audiences, certain activities appealed more to the younger population.
Throughout the day youngsters waited to bounce on a moonwalk or shoot darts at a cardboard cut-out of a space alien.
They also heard the silly songs of Alan Cunningham.
Kids at heart had the chance to see classic automobiles parked in the lot beside the Eudora Community Learning Center.
The entire event brought families together.
"We just look forward to it every year," Kristen Bohnenblust said. "It's a nice little casual time to get the kids out."
EudoraFest brings both people and their talents out.
Act after act of dancers, singers and musicians lined the stage for the annual talent show.
Midway through, rain forced the show to move from the mobile stage parked in front of the Community Learning Center to the gazebo in CPA Park.
Among the winning performances were an a capella song by 10-year-old Biz Young, and two cover songs by the local band ,Nothing Much.
"I love it," said the group's singer, Tim Cochran.
Organizers hope the success of this year's festival will carry over to next year's planning sessions.
"Hopefully we'll get some people interested next year and join us on the committee," said longtime EudoraFest organizer Marilyn Neis.

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