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Sunday beer sales get city nod

October 13, 2005

Cardboard signs barring businesses from selling beer on Sundays could be meaningless in a matter of months.

The change will serve as another step in recent legislative trends signaling the end of Eudora's status as a "dry" city.

Eudora will become wet and businesses will have more options to vend malt beverages if current measures are enacted as planned.

The Eudora City Council approved its newest ordinance Monday, which will allow businesses to sell 3.2 beer on Sundays.

The ordinance would take affect 60 days after publication and serve as the forerunner to package liquor sales.

The ordinance, brought to the council by a representative of Kwik Shop, needed definite action by the city to go into effect.

"A meeting or two back we had a letter from Casey's General Stores that wanted us to look into Sunday sales," Eudora Mayor Tom Pyle said.

Eudora's status as a dry city would have changed regardless of the Sunday 3.2 beer sales because of action the Kansas Legislature took last spring that will open the city to retail liquor sales without specific action by the council.

Three clergymen spoke out against expanded alcohol sales at the same meeting the Casey's representative made the appeal.

The council didn't pass the ordinance then, but when Kwik Shop brought it up, council members were receptive.

City Attorney Jerry Cooley affirmed the ordinance wouldn't go into effect until a later date.

The ordinance will be published for two weeks in The Eudora News, the city's official newspaper, then for 60 days it will be subject to a protest petition.

A referendum on the measure would be required for approval if the petition gains 15 percent of the number of registered voters participating in the 2004 general election.

"So if we pass it tonight, it doesn't mean it'll necessarily go through," Councilman Bill Whitten said.

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