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Students respond to Katrina

September 29, 2005

Over the past few weeks, students at Eudora Middle School learned a lesson in charity.

Each gave what they could piece by piece in response to the storms that lashed the Gulf Coast.

Acknowledging the overwhelming need for support by the Red Cross, administrators organized a two-week fund-raiser for the school. At the end, the school raised a total of $829.46 for the Red Cross.

"It was a decision made between the administration and the staff here," said teacher Richard Proffitt. "And we wanted to make sure the middle school did something for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We wanted it to be a learning moment as well as some community service."

The school collected money by putting jars in the classrooms, asking the students to give what they could.

Proffitt said some students gave change to the cause, while others gave more.

"We had some kids make some posters and put them up in the hallway to remind the students and also had the daily announcements about it," Proffitt said.

"The students reacted very positively to it. They don't have a lot of money to give, of course, with this age group, but they gave what they could," Proffitt said. "Not only did they do it because the school asked them to, they did it because they wanted to. They really had a lot of compassion for the victims of the hurricane.""

In the past the school has looked into this sort of fund-raiser as a competition to motivate the students.

This year the drive worked out differently.

"A lot of times we made it a competition between different classrooms, but that's not what we were trying to do," Proffitt said. "We were just trying to encourage them to give in any way they possibly could and to let them know that just giving was a positive aspect of their life."

Administrators recognized the contributions of the school as a whole, and also those of the individual grades.

Although, the fund-raiser wasn't looked at as a competition, the sixth-grade class brought in the most money to help the hurricane victims.

They collected $513.50 to help the relief effort, a total that was more than the other grades combined.

The school was pleased with the outcome and plans to repeat it in the future.

"We didn't necessarily set a goal," Proffitt said. "I know we have talked, but haven't finalized any plans. We've talked about doing some things this spring. I don't want to overload students now, but maybe have another drive in the spring and at least help out somehow."

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