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Education needed

April 6, 2006

As a moral individual with the highest of humanitarian interests, I feel an increasing sense of urgency to acknowledge my concern for a rapidly growing issue in our community.

I have noticed a disturbing trend with rampant promiscuous sex in 11- to 15-year-old girls to appalling extremes. I understand this may not seem a particularly pressing issue as issues go, but the extremity of the situation is alarming to me.

I am generally the first to agree that one's sex life is one's own business, but gradually, theirs have been made business of our own. I personally have witnessed our community's young adults destroy their bodies and their minds, as well as that of their peers.

Not only are these young ladies having casual -- and often unprotected -- sex with near strangers, the men are frequently, if not usually, overage.

It's not rare for a gap of 10 years to exist between the girl and the man. Not only is this illegal, it is immoral and unsanitary.

However, I would like to stress that I have rarely observed or heard of the girls being lured into said situations; on the contrary, they bring it upon themselves, often going to great lengths to seduce a male who is overage and/or in a pre-existing monogamous relationship.

I have heard these girls boast about how they were able to make a man commit an infidelity in his long-term relationship. I don't believe I have to explain the immorality associated with this type of behavior. I also believe it to be apparent to hear of this disgusting behavior as common in my hometown, and to learn of the tender age of these girls is shocking as it is.

The emotional effects on both the girls and the significant others of the males involved are not the only problems. I estimate about half of all the teens I'm referring to have had at least one abortion, and several suspect they themselves are infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Very few of them have had a routine gynecological exam.

Not only are they a danger to themselves and the children they abort, they are potentially spreading disease throughout the town to people who then carry on the tradition.

The psychological motives behind the girls' promiscuity could be endlessly debated. However, arguments don't result in positive action.

We must take action to stop this abomination of innocence. I ask you, the Eudoran, what measures can be taken to discourage this tragedy?

I strongly suggest a more thorough sexual health course be required earlier in public schooling. Would it be such a conflict with the public interest if we were to incorporate nonreligious ethics of fidelity in relationships in these classes as well? Infidelity in relationships could be paralleled to more serious infractions later in life like fraud, robbery and untruthfulness. Remember, we are building the next generation of adults here.

While there are aspects of these girls' lives that you and I don't have the power to control -- such as low self-esteem, peer pressure, negative media influences, neglectful parents -- I feel that while there may not be a supreme cure to this contagious illness of society, there are many treatments to the symptoms that are within our reach.

We must establish informative school programs. We must establish a healthy emotional environment for our children. Most of all, we must establish morals in America's youth.

Perhaps if the seed of knowledge were planted in the minds of people with great potential to make damaging decisions, they would choose the wiser path and harvest health and stability in the future.

I am a 16-year-old girl, and I believe that if I have the gall to acknowledge this sensitive issue, so should the rest of our community.

Betsy Bratschie


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