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Grosdidier put lesson before vanity

April 20, 2006

Margaret Grosdidier is an exceptional woman.

Last week, the story of the Eudora woman's fight against skin cancer was told in The Eudora News. It was not a story we found. Mrs. Grosdidier came to us, wanting to tell of her battle with actinic keratosis and to increase awareness of the risk of exposure to the sun.

More remarkably, Grosdidier wanted a picture depicting her as she coped with the worst of the disease and treatment. It is in the women's own words "quite unsightly."

While many people grouse about the photograph on their driver's licenses or disappear in the bathroom for minutes of primping before routine mug shots for the newspaper, Grosdidier refused to let vanity stop her from graphically illustrating important messages.

The first lesson, important as we head into summer, is that even a small amount of time in the sun unprotected can have consequences, especially to fair-skinned individuals.

The second lesson is our need to pay attention to our bodies and see a doctor when we notice suspicious changes.

"If you don't get attention, it's a death sentence," Grosdidier's husband, Norbert, said.

Grosdidier has since improved from the stage of her illness depicted in the photograph that ran in the paper last week. It doesn't reflect Grosdidier's appearance, but it gives insight into her spirit.

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