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Help appreciated

April 20, 2006

I wanted to say thank you to the Eudora community for the love and support they gave to this year's variety show "A Night to Remember," sponsored by St. Paul United Church of Christ.

The show was put on by the youth and adults from this fine community. It is the sixth year for this type of production. Each year gets bigger and better.

The money raised goes directly to the Eudora Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry to supply food vouchers for families using the food pantry housed at St. Paul Untied Church of Christ.

The cast of the show gave up two nights a week for practice. A bake sale raised money for the group to help cover the cost of costumes and to help supply food for the hungry teenagers.

I learned very quickly these teenagers would eat veggies and fruits if you brought it for them. I would make a meal of homemade soup and breads stretch for 28 people for less than $20 and they would appreciate the time and effort that went into the work.

The love that went into every step of their dance numbers, the tears that were shed because a costume didn't fit just right, the laughter that spread like wildfire when they thought my dance was funny -- I can't tell you how much this project, this variety show meant to the teenagers and adults alike.

Last year, this same group raised $1,000 for the food pantry. A goal of $1,250 was set for this year.

To our great pleasure, $1,500 was the grand total raised. The money earned will be able to help provide 60 families with food vouchers.

To all the teenagers and adults that helped with this variety show, my thanks go to you. We couldn't have done this without you.

Parents, look at your child and give them a hug. You are doing a great job of being a parent to have such caring kids wanting to do all this work. They made my job easy.

If you didn't see the show, you missed a wonderful time.

If you still want to help the food pantry, DVDs of this year's variety show are on sale. Orders can be made by calling St. Paul United Church of Christ at 542-2785. All money raised form the sales of the DVDs go directly to the Eudora Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry.

Cathy Box

Fall Leaf

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