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City appoints interim rec director

August 24, 2006

Although the city stopped taking applications for the director of the Eudora Parks and Recreation Department ---- formerly occupied by Bobby Arnold ---- it will be at least another month before a full-time replacement is found.

In the interim, duties fall to parks and recreation employee Ian Mater. Mater would maintain the pool ---- now open only for weekend use ---- and take over the administrative responsibilities formerly carried out by Arnold.

"It's his until we hire a new full-time person, for a month or two months," Eudora City Administrator Cheryl Beatty said. "Ian feels confident he can do the job. As far as the maintenance work, what I intend to do is meet with Ian daily to discuss his work scheduling and how he plans on operating it.

"I think Ian's competence made me believe he could do it."

The Eudora City Council discussed options Aug. 14 to fill the position.

"I wanted to know again what process you wanted me to handle this with," Beatty said to the council.

The city had gained seven applications by the time the council took up discussion. The city received two of those applications after the Aug. 10 deadline, Beatty said.

"It's up to you if you want to accept them," Beatty said.

The city faced a similar situation during its third search for a fire chief. The council refused to accept the late applications and decided to re-post the job.

Re-posting probably won't be necessary for the parks and recreation director position. The council directed Beatty to gather the applications for them so it could begin the interview process.

After the council looks over the applications, it will send three picks to Beatty to eventually set up an interview with the council.

"We're all going to be working with this person," Eudora Mayor Tom Pyle said.

Although the council will be part of the interview process, the mayor will make the final decision regarding the hire. The mayor appoints all head city positions annually.

This year, Pyle approved Arnold on a month-to-month basis and opened up the position.

Having been through the situation once before when the city searched for a fire chief, Beatty thought the search for a parks and recreation director would be as good a time as any to create a policy.

"If you guys want to set up a policy, then I don't have to ask this question all the time," Beatty said.

The council didn't make a decision on setting policy, but came to a consensus to interview the top three prospects for the job.

Pyle officially appointed Mater to the position.

"This is going to be one month or two months as we go through the application and appoint a new one," Pyle said. "He's certainly going to have it that long."

The appointment did not get the council's complete support.

"I would like to go on record that I'm opposed for him as interim. I'm opposed to this appoint for the interim," Councilman Bill Whitten said.

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