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Salt-and-sand facility passes 1st winter test

December 7, 2006

After six months of diligent work, the new salt-and-sand storage facility is finally complete in Eudora.

The facility, which is located next to the water treatment plant on Seventh Street, houses the salt and sand used to make the roads drivable during winter weather.

City Administrator Cheryl Beatty said after many years of just having the salt and sand stored in a roofless dumping location, the city decided to make a new, improved facility. She said the city was losing too much money on lost product because of bad weather when it was being stored in the open.

"The salt and sand is now in an enclosed structure, so it doesn't get wet, and so we won't lose any," Beatty said.

Beatty also said the city also was saving money because the city built the facility on its own. Although dshe did not have the exact figures, she said by not contracting an outside company to do the work, the city saved roughly $30,000.

"Our crews built the place themselves," Beatty said. "We saved about 50 percent of the costs. We have a very tax-efficient facility. We saved the taxpayers a lot of money by doing it ourselves."

Beatty said the new salt-and-sand facility also complies with environmental regulations. The new facility had its first test last week when Eudora was pelted with snow and ice, a test Beatty said it passed with flying colors.

"It was much faster to load the trucks and have everything in one place," Beatty said. "Now it's easier for us to know how much quantity we have in stock."

Beatty said it was difficult to compare the plow crews' performance in the most recent storm to any previous ones because no two storms are the same, but she said city crews performed admirably.

"It's faster service," Beatty said. "This storm was pretty icy, and they had to be out there more because of that, but they did very well."

In all, Beatty said she was very pleased with the benefits the sand and salt storage facility provided to the city.

"I'm very happy with it," Beatty said. "We have a facility that will meet the needs of Eudora now and in the future. It's a double unit where two trucks can be serviced at the same time, so it's much faster."

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