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January 5, 2006

7 years ago
January 1999
An electrical fire destroyed a Eudora mobile home Jan. 2.
The blaze was thought to have been sparked by an electrical problem in a heat tape being used to keep water pipes from freezing in the home near Seventh and Elm streets.
Sixteen firefighters from Eudora City and Eudora Township Fire departments battled the fire.
The home, valued at $4,000, was considered a total loss. The contents of the home were valued at $4,000, bringing the total loss to $8,000.
¢ Amber Jones was the winner of an eight-foot Christmas stocking stuffed with games, puzzles and toys.
The stocking was donated by Eudora Coast to Coast and chances were sold to win it the week before Christmas. All proceeds benefited the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund.
¢ During the annual convention of USA Track and Field in Orlando, Fla., the Masters Long Distance Running Committee selected Paul Heitzman as the Athlete of the Year in the 65 to 69 age division.

15 years ago
January 1991
A total of 69 building permits, valued at $4,448,045 were issued in Eudora during 1990.
¢ Steve Martin was the second person to file as a candidate in the Eudora school board race.
In the city council elections, officials in the Eudora city offices said Allen Morriss was seeking re-election to the five-member council.
¢ Carl and Jerry Abel and George and Mary Abel celebrated their 40th wedding anniversaries. The two couples were married one day apart from each other in 1951.
¢ Eudora resident Mary K. Williams was at home and recovering well following a liver transplant.

28 years ago
January 1978
Supt. Charles Hill resigned from his position with the Eudora school district.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Larry Scott and family and Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Scott and Gary returned from spending the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. John Scott and family in Laurium, Mich.
The Scotts reported Michigan had 100 inches of snow by Christmas and they had snow at some time every day they were there.
¢ The Eudora Planning Commission had a public hearing for use permitted upon review by the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company to build a microwave tower in Eudora.
The planning commission recommended the city council accept the application submitted by Southwestern Bell for rezoning.

30 years ago
January 1976
Former Eudora City Council president Jim Hoover assumed mayoral duties after D.E. Kerr submitted his resignation on Dec. 29, 1975, for health reasons. According to the law, Kerr's resignation placed the president of the Council in the office of Mayor of the City of Eudora.
¢ Leland "Pete" Lawson was in the process of completing his move out of the building, which had housed "Pete's Garage" for a number of years. Lawson sold the building and the garage and auto part supplies. Another business was going to be housed in the building, however the garage, wrecker and auto parts business was closing.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Roy Vincent returned to their home in Seattle, Wash., after spending two weeks in Eudora with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Breithaupt.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Mel Lancaster, Mrs. Irene Caviness and Mrs. Clara Baecker spent New Year's Eve with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Votaw.
¢ A 100-million-year-old mosasaurus was getting a new lease on life courtesy of Terry Miner, an Emporia State College art and geology student from Eudora.
The mosasaurus, a marine reptile that lived in the area that was the high plains of Western Kansas during the Mesozoic era, was discovered several years before by a group of teachers during a summer workshop sponsored by the Flint Hills Education Research and Development Association, a federation of consolidated school districts in the Emporia area.
Unusual because of its completeness -- every bone in the head of the specimen was in good condition and was flattened in only one place -- the fossil was brought back to rest in a showcase in the physical science department at Emporia State.
Miner, whose interest in both geology and art led him to study restoration techniques, planned to replace the missing parts with plaster casts and mount the specimen on a burlap and plaster plaque which could be hung on the wall.

70 years ago
January 1936
William Mertz received a badly injured left knee when he was caught between two trucks at the cream station where he was working in Kansas City. He was recovering at his home in Eudora and was unable to walk for some time.
¢ Ray Miller returned to the CCC camp at Custer, S.D., after visiting over the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Miller.
¢ Alfred Eisele purchased a new Master Sedan Chevrolet from the Rothberger Motor Company.
¢ Frank Greiner, custodian at the high school, fell on the slippery earth fill near the school building one day and sprained his back and side quite severely. He was able to get around, but with difficulty.
¢ Mr. and Mrs. Noah Bisel celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

77 years ago
January 1929
The snowstorm blocked not only the side roads, but the main road between Eudora and Lawrence. Practically everyone was shut in. The young people and children enjoyed the opportunity for real winter sports, however.
¢ E.W. Kraus fell and either sprained his arm or tore some of the ligaments of the shoulder.
¢ Joe Blechel was on the sick list.

112 years ago
January 1894
Eggs were 16 cents a dozen.
¢ There wasn't a vacant house in town.
¢ S.V. Carr returned from Chicago.
¢ W.J. Fowler had a hotel sign put up in front of his hotel on Main Street.
¢ Charles Pilla had a new delivery wagon.
¢ W.A. Fuller and C.F. Richards left for Chicago and the World's Exposition.

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