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No Moore of the same

June 22, 2006

In the upcoming August Republican primary, one qualified gentleman will win and take on U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore in the election in November. Scott Schwab formally announced his intentions June 9. Schwab is an experienced state representative from Olathe and has the energy to win this primary and eventually the November election. Schwab will be a welcome change from the current representation we are receiving in Washington.

Scott Schwab has been a great help in the Kansas Legislature in lowering taxes and making Kansas a friendlier place to do business. His legislative experience and knowledge of the issues make Scott Schwab a good choice to replace the current under-representation we have.

The 3rd Congressional District will have a clear choice in November to elect a man of action or elect the incumbent Representative and have little influence on the process in Washington. The 3rd District is the driving engine in the Kansas economy and we should have the driving engine in the congressional delegation, not an afterthought like we have now. The 3rd District cannot have any Moore of the same in Washington.

State Rep. Anthony R. Brown


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