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The Fly Route

June 22, 2006

I just don't know how you do it and I certainly don't know who "you" are.

I've gotten a lot of feedback since I started writing this column more than nine months ago.

People never fail to point out when the don't like something I've written, and every once in a while they are nice enough to point out something they did like that I've written.

The people of this town have let me know what they think, and positive or negative, that's great. What baffles my mind is the people not from this town that always let me know what they think.

I received some amazing e-mails since I started writing this and I have no idea how these people end up reading my column in the first place.

Penn State fans rained down on me from everywhere when I included a throw-away joke about Joe Paterno last fall.

One guy from North Carolina let me know that I'm "just another hack writer trying to take down Joe."

Yep. One town at a time, I'm turning the nation against Paterno. I'll accomplish my goal by about 2048.

Maybe he'll still be coaching.

People in and outside of Kansas let me know what they thought about my Bob Huggins column.

Brodie Croyle's closest allies in Alabama chimed in when I wrote about the Kansas City Chiefs' draft.

And last week when I wrote about soccer, some guy from England shared his thoughts. Actually, he offered me a two-week stay at his place, apparently so he could beat the American out of me and show me why soccer is the world's greatest game.


Who on earth forwarded my column to some guy in England? Heck, who forwarded my column to some guy in North Carolina or Alabama?

Don't get me wrong. You're free to chime in no matter which state you live in or continent you inhabit, it's just something I never expected and something that I'll never understand.

The powers of Google just boggle my mind.

  • Speaking of stuff that would prompt soccer fans to e-mail from another continent, I have been watching the World Cup and I have enjoyed it, but I've noticed some things I can't easily get over.

It's a fairly common to see high school soccer players double as kickers on the football team and watching the World Cup I've come to realize why. Tom Hanks couldn't take a dive the way some of these soccer players do.

Soccer is known as a surprisingly injury-prone sport, but I've yet to see a player get really, seriously hurt in the four or five hours of World Cup action I've taken in -- and no, I'm not counting United States' Brian McBride's face-gusher as a serious injury.

What I have seen is one-named nut jobs hitting the turf hard after catching an opponent sliding into their calves cleats-up. The afflicted player always goes down and rolls around, screaming and hollering like their right foot just got shot off, only to bound back up a minute later and go screaming down the field 40 miles an hour.

I don't know of any football team that couldn't use a punter that could simulate an ACL rupture on cue

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