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Do budget problems await the next governor?

September 14, 2006


(AP Budget problems seen differently: Some Republican legislators expect the state to face significant budget problems within a few years, their opinions bolstered by projections that increased spending on public schools will create a budget shortfall by 2009. They are frustrated Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius repeatedly predicts no serious problem - and that voters don't seem to be pressing her. Sebelius, seeking a second term, remains confident that economic growth will allow the state to collect enough tax revenues to cover the promised spending.

(LJW) Catholic official chastises Sebelius: The Catholic archbishop for northeast Kansas has written a widely circulated editorial column criticizing Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who is Catholic, and urging fellow church members to pray "that she might reconsider her long held position supporting legalized abortion."

From the notes of Lawrence Journal-World Statehouse reporter Scott Rothschild

There will be lots of poignant and funny comments made in the next few days in remembrance of Ann Richards, the former Texas governor who died Wednesday. Here's my favorite personal recollection of her. I covered her campaigns and administration as a reporter for The Associated Press in Austin.

In 1994, she held her annual Christmas party for the press in the governor's mansion. She had just been defeated by George Bush and was heading out of office.

At the party, Richards saw my wife, Sue, holding our son Joseph, who was then six-months-old. Richards came across the room and grabbed him into her arms and started to turn on the charm. Joseph looked at that hair and her beaming face and let out a cry of alarm. Richards' smile disappeared and she handed Joseph back to Sue and said knowingly, "I had one like this."

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