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Mayor to sell property

September 14, 2006

For almost 40 years, Eudora Mayor Tom Pyle has kept his property around a small man-made lake pristine and full of grasses for ballgames and picnics.

As he grew older, the maintenance of the land became harder. After discussion with his family, a new use for the land became apparent.

Earlier in the year, Pyle received approval from both the Eudora Planning Commission and the Eudora City Council to sell lots on his land for two small housing additions containing a total of 18 units.

The additions are located on Lakeview Lane near the baseball fields by the swimming pool and at 16th and Main streets.

"If Main Street went through, that's where it would be," Pyle said. "It's going to be a very nice addition."

Although Pyle discussed the decision with his family, he felt the sooner he moved the better.

"I'd rather do it now rather than wait to do it at a later time," Pyle said.

Pyle considered the city when deciding to develop the land.

"It's going to bring tax dollars," Pyle said.

With the infrastructure nearly fully installed at the two additions, Pyle is preparing to sell the lots, which carry an average price tag of $65,000.

"Some of them are of a good size," Pyle said.

The two additions are centered by cul-de-sacs and offer different views of the Pyle's lake.

In order to keep the area clean, deeds for the lots would come with certain restrictions such as limitations on fencing and certain pet restrictions, Pyle said.

"We want to keep the lots where it's easy to take care of things," Pyle said.

Selling the lots shouldn't be difficult given the two additions have proximity to Nottingham and the eventual swimming pool and recreation center complex, Pyle said.

"All that's going to be very handy when they're wanting to exercise," Pyle said.

The land may also attract people from outside the city given Eudora's centralized location and lure of a smaller community provided by the two additions, Pyle said.

"I think those are all selling points for our particular land," Pyle said.

The lake could enter in to people's decisions as well.

"We don't care if people want to walk around the lake or sit out there and visit," Pyle said.

There has already been some buzz about the lots, Pyle said.

"We've had a lot of interest in it," Pyle said.

One lot in particular has already been spoken for, Pyle said.

"There's something about the water that attracts people," Pyle said.

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