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Powering to perfection

Eudora tosses second-straight shutout to beat Vikings

September 14, 2006

It was another week and another shutout ? just business as usual for the Cardinal football team.

Picking right up from where they left off last week, the Cards beat the Central Heights Vikings 34-0 Friday night at Laws Field.

Ryan Fisher pushes his way through the Central Heights defense
Friday as Eudora knocked off the Vikings, 34-0.

Ryan Fisher pushes his way through the Central Heights defense Friday as Eudora knocked off the Vikings, 34-0.

Coach Gregg Webb said he was extremely pleased with the game's outcome and the team's efforts.

"Anytime you get a shutout you have to be pleased, but we gave up some things we shouldn't have," Webb said. "But they did well."

After the initial kick off, William Gadberry saw a hole in the Viking defense and ran 77 yards for the game's first touchdown with 11 minutes, nine seconds remaining.

The next Cardinal touchdown did not happen until the beginning of the second quarter, when Travis Clarke and company worked the ball up 84 yards to the goal. Clarke ran the ball into the end zone with 11:34 left in the second quarter. The score rose to 14-0 after a successful Cardinal two-point conversion.

Seven minutes later, the Cards did it again by slowly moving the ball up the field, getting first downs. Ryan Fisher made the scoring run and bumped the score up to 20-0.

Just a minute later with 3:00 on the clock, the Cards did it again, with Matthew Abel taking advantage of a hole on the left side and returned the punt for a 65-yard touchdown. Swanson connected with Mike Ortega for another two-point conversion.

Webb said Abel definitely stood out with his play in all three segments of the game. He played receiver on offense and made several strong stops as a defensive back.

"Matthew kind of showed us what he's capable of with the return and the exchange," Webb said. "He sure put some strong strain on the defense."

Abel said what he did Friday night was nothing spectacular -- he was just doing his job.

"I do what they ask me to do," Abel said. "I have to go hard every play whether it is a run or a pass."

After the half-time break, the Cards somewhat floundered, showing a significantly weaker game both offensively and defensively. Eudora also accrued three flags in the third quarter alone.

"The second half, we kind of lost our focus," Webb said. "The kids thought that the (Vikings) would just roll over, but they didn't."

The final touchdown of the game came from Gadberry with 8:06 remaining in the fourth quarter. Staying true to form, the Cards again got the touchdown through a strong offensive running game, getting four first downs in the drive.

Most impressively about the game was the touchdowns were all sandwiched in between a strong Cardinal defensive game, allowing only a handful of Viking first downs. The defense disallowed Central Heights any points and kept the team just under 100 yards for the whole game.

In addition, they held quarterback Gus Wuertz to just 4-of-13 passes with an interception.

Webb said although the defense made a strong showing this week, there still were some areas that needed work.

"Some kids have a natural instinct with what the offense is trying to do," Webb said. "Some kids don't have that instinct, but we're learning and getting better every day."

The Cardinals now sit comfortably with a 2-0 record

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