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Volleyball cruises to 8-0

September 14, 2006

It may have started easily enough ? a kill here, a dive there and then a win ? but it sure did not end up that way.

In what was quite possibly the toughest match the Eudora volleyball team has played all season, the Cards barely squeaked out a win against conference rival Wellsville Tuesday evening at the Eagles' home courts.

In the first game of the match, both teams played strong defense and offense, alternating possession of the volleyball. The teams tied 6-6, 7-7, 8-8 and 9-9 before Eudora started to step up its offensive game, jettisoning the ball over the net time and again.

Wellsville did not give up much, though and played very strong defensively. Finally, senior Erin Kracl's strength and ball command proved too potent, as she slammed the ball over the net for the game-winning point.

Although Eudora won the first game of the match 25-19, the second game proved to be something distinctly different.

The worn out Cardinals just were unable to maintain possession of the ball for more than a point or two at a time. Wellsville was able to make several easy kills and dominated at the net, eventually beating Eudora, 25-16.

Stutler said one thing the game indicated to her was sometimes her team has trouble preventing a bad situation from becoming a terrible one.

"We've missed far too many serves, so we are going to be focusing on serving aggressively and taking control of the ball," Stutler said.

The match was then to be decided by the final game of the night. The third game was close again, but Eudora came out ahead, 25-20.

"Early on, all four of our hitters: Kracl, Nikki Snider, Haley Epperson and Elaina Kouri, all pulled their weight and led the team," Stutler said. "But by the end, everyone started to work very hard and performed well as a team."

Earlier in the night, Eudora played against both Osawatomie and Ottawa. In the first game against Osawatomie, the Cardinals were able to exploit their opponent's weaknesses and win 25-11. The second game concluded similarly to the first, with a Eudora win of 25-13.

The second match of the night too resulted in a Eudora domination. Eudora took both games of the match without ever falling behind, winning 25-10 both times.

The Cards will try to improve on their 8-0 record with games against Central Heights, Prairie View and Osawatomie at 5 p.m. Tuesday in Eudora.

In all, Stutler said she was impressed with her team's efforts and was looking forward to the next set of matches.

"I thought we battled well and played tough," Stutler said. "Even though sometimes things weren't pretty, we were able to get runs when we needed to. They played well."

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