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EMS agreement nearly complete

April 26, 2007

Two pieces of an interlocal agreement that puts the Eudora Emergency Medical Service partially under city supervision came together Monday.

The Douglas County Commission and the Eudora City Council each accepted an agreement that would give the Eudora City Fire Department partial oversight of the Eudora Emergency Medical Service.

"I'm amazed at how fast this all came about," Eudora City Fire Chief Randy Ates said. "I guess this was the correct timing. Everyone pulled at the right time, and it looks like this will happen."

The agreement still needs to be endorsed by the Eudora Township Board of Trustees.

The Eudora Emergency Medical service serves as a first-responding unit for Eudora, Eudora Township and parts of Palmyra. The group is currently under the jurisdiction of Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical.

According to the agreement, the city fire department will oversee the management, operation rules and personnel policies of the medical service.

Lawrence--Douglas County Fire Medical will continue to set the medical protocols, continuing education and training for service.

The group will also be subject to an oversight board of the county administrator, city administrator, the township trustee or a designee appointed by each. The chief of Lawrence-Douglas Fire Medical, the county medical director and Eudora's fire chief will also be on the board.

"It benefits everyone when your different governments can pull together for the good of the entire community," Ates said.

The agreement outlined how the EEMS department would be funded.

According to the contract, the city's financial responsibilities include purchase of uniforms, fuel and radios and pagers.

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical will provide the medical equipment disposable supplies, medical oversight and training. It will also pay for repairs to the radios and pagers or medical equipment.

The county provides funds for training, workers compensation and reimbursement. It also pays for immunizations and physicals.

The township would pay for the vehicle insurance and tags.

The agreement gives the township full ownership of the vehicles, but the city custody for the vehicles it needs.

Eudora City Administrator Cheryl Beatty presented the plan to the city council.

"It will be a win-win for everybody," Beatty said.

Current Eudora Emergency Medical Service Director Sarah Nordin said she approved of the contract.

"For me it's almost a sense of relief because we're getting close to finality," Nordin said. "Before it was kind of like everything was up in the air. We didn't know what was happening."

The agreement didn't seem to change the current arrangement that much, Nordin said.

"It will be OK," she said.

Eudora Township board member Eugene Westerhouse said he thinks the township will be in favor of the agreement. The board meets the first Friday of every month.

The transition could take at least two months, Ates said.

"There's a lot of good there and a lot of good people, and I would like to have as little disruption as possible," Ates said.

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