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Remaining Eudora EMS members moving on

August 2, 2007

As the Eudora Community Emergency Medical Service ended its first full week of service, two members of the former Eudora Emergency Medical Service found themselves left behind.

Of the nine EEMS members at the time of disbandment, only Doug Rhoads and Dustin McAfee weren't picked up by the new service.

Applications for the Eudora Community EMS went to supervisor Randy Ates and Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical for screening and decisions.

The service is a first-responding medical team that covers the city, township and parts of the surrounding area.

McAfee and Rhoads are looking at the situation from different angles.

McAfee is separating himself from the new organization.

"I'm not a part of that," he said.

He has used his time to focus on duties at the Eudora Township Fire Department.

"It's just more time to get stuff done at the fire department," McCafee said.

He described the last days of the EEMS as a normal time, he said.

"If we had a call, we just ran them," McAfee said.

Rhoads said he planned to take time away from the situation.

"I miss it. I miss it every day," Rhoads said. "I hear the tones go out for a medical call and I want to go, but I can't.

"I will reapply in the future."

Rhoads said he and McAfee were strong-willed individuals and sometimes forceful but never received any complaints about their patient care.

Ates couldn't comment the deliberations of individual applications in the selection process..

There were situations that arose in the old EMS that caused members to leave and the ability to cover schedules, Ates said.

"I regret we couldn't take everybody on," Ates said. "But we had to take actions to take the best people to benefit the community and to end the strife that was destroying the original EMS."

The Eudora Community EMS has 20 members chosen from a pool of about 22 applicants, Ates said.

In its first week, the group responded to 22 calls. Eudora EMS averaged about nine calls a week, Ates said.

Ates attributed the events surrounding the CPA Picnic as a possible reason for the increase.

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