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Statehouse briefing: State board to look at punishment rules for students

February 14, 2007

Here are today's headlines from Kansas government:

(KTKA) Limits sought on use of seclusion: Another issue the Kansas Board of Education is discussing is whether schools have the right to seclude or tie up your child as punishment. Wednesday, the Board will look at placing regulations on how special education teachers tame unruly students. "We question the need for regulations in this area," said Tom Krebs of the School Board Association. "If there is a true problem with a use of restraint or seclusion in schools, it is very isolated and does not require sweeping new regulations."

(AP) Science standards evolve again: New, evolution-friendly science standards for Kansas' public schools were adopted Tuesday by the State Board of Education, replacing ones that questioned the theory and generated international ridicule.

(LJW) Committee designates `Official English': Several Kansas lawmakers on Tuesday said they reached a bipartisan compromise on a divisive subject: making English the official state language.

(LJW) Regents to monitor KU Med proposals: After facing pressure from a top lawmaker, members of the Kansas Board of Regents said they would seek more answers about Kansas University's plans to strike a deal that would send some KU medical faculty and students to a Kansas City, Mo., hospital.

(LJW) Discrimination ban stalls: A bill aimed at banning discrimination based on sexual orientation remains bottled up in committee, but supporters of the measure said Tuesday they aren't giving up hope.

(LJW) Food fight over vending machines: State health officials on Tuesday sounded the alarm about childhood obesity, but school officials and soda companies balked at a proposal to shut down vending machines.

(Kansas Health Institute News Service) Lawmaker wants safety net for safety net clinics: The chairman of the House Social Services Budget Committee wants the state to guarantee remodeling and building loans for safety net clinics.

(Topeka Capital-Journal) Confirmation of justices urged: A selection process for the state's Supreme Court justices, born out of voters' distrust of concentrated power, is itself being attacked again as placing too much power in too few hands. A resolution heard in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee would remove a current nominating commission and insert Senate confirmation into the process.

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