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Days gone by

February 22, 2007

7 years ago
February 2000
The Eudora Board of Education voted to give DLR Group the nod for a proposed academic campus and submitted a contract to its lawyers for review.
The decision was reached after DLR presented two design options for a future 800-student high school and a 450-student elementary school that would be constructed when there was a need.
Plan A, a 75.3 acre rectangle, was directly north of the present high school. The proposed high school with 800 parking spaces would stand between softball and soccer fields to the south and a detention pond for run-off water to the north. West of the present building would be a 64-acre stadium, football practice field and baseball field adjoining a 14-acre elementary school.
Plan B went north from the present high school, starting with tennis courts, stadium, 50-acre high school and baseball fields.

15 years ago
February 1992
The Eudora City Council approved a contract with Kansas Power and Light at its meeting that gave the city a temporary electric feed into Intech Business Park.
The temporary electric supply to the business park would help relieve some of the strain that would be placed on the city's power supply during peak demand hours in the summer.
¢ Troy Thornton, a freshman from Eudora, sang with the Kansas State University Men's Glee Club during performances at the Intercollegiate Men's Chorus Seminar in Lexington, Va., and a concert in Washington, D.C.

28 years ago
February 1979
Eudora's Board of Education called a town meeting for local patrons to express ideas concerning the feasibility of new or improved facilities. The meeting was to be an open forum to discuss the possibility of renovating present facilities in some fashion, or building new facilities.
¢ Eudora High School Winter Sports queen candidates were senior Leslie Bagby, junior Cheryl Cawley and sophomore Ginny Whitten.
King candidates were senior Tim Wagner, junior Eric Rochester and sophomore Gerald Kahle. Dale Carnagie was chosen as an alternate for the senior class since Wagner would be at the state wrestling match in Hays during the coronation ceremonies.
¢ Eudora School Board president Stan Byrne presented accident-free driving awards to Eudora bus drivers Jane Massey (12 years), Joe Hanna (eight), Jim Smith (six), Lucille Yarnell (five) and Barbara Cawley (three).
¢ The February Eudora 4-H Club meeting was parent's night. The parents took over for their child as officers to conduct the meeting.
Christy Jarrett and Mike Hanna were installed as new members in the club.

70 years ago
February 1937
Dalton Laughlin, son of Fred Laughlin, had his right arm fractured when his Model A Ford kicked while he was attempting to crank it.
¢ The soil conservation committee for Eudora Township, consisting of Walter Gerstenberger, Roger Stanley, Werner Dollnig and Morris Starr, completed their work of securing a statistical report from every member for the agricultural program.
¢ William Schehrer became the owner of the Sim Snyder six-room bungalow across the street and south of the high school. Mr. and Mrs. William Mercier had occupied the house for several years.
¢ The Rev. Albert Weikman, veteran Catholic priest of Wichita, celebrated his 87th birthday. He was said to be the oldest priest in the state, both in years and in the priesthood. He was pastor of Eudora Holy Family Church from 1876 to 1881.

114 years ago
February 1893
The alliance had an oyster supper at Frank Pettingill's, regardless of the bad night. There was a big crowd.
¢ Martha Eberhardt spent several days with friends in Lawrence.
¢ J. "Brad" Perkins spent one day in Topeka to straighten out the senatorial muddle.
¢ Eggs were 17 cents a dozen. Potatoes were 50 cents a bushel. Corn meal was $1 for 100 pounds. Oil cake was $1.59 for 100 pounds.
¢ John Caldwell came up from Argentine to visit his parents for the weekend.

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