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Sesquicentennial committee continues celebration preparations

March 22, 2007

Plans for Eudora's sesquicentennial celebration are continuing to solidify.

Since the sesquicentennial committee's first meeting earlier in the year, the group has split off into smaller committees each looking to add something to the celebration.

The groups are working to decide topics as diverse as the anniversary's entertainment, refreshment, possible games and commemorative items.

"It's been going pretty good. There's been good participation," sesquicentennial committee co-chair Rex Burkhardt said.

The committee has had a steady group ranging from about 12 to 14 people attending each meeting, Burkhardt said.

The group is currently working to meet its goals on two different timelines. First, LaDonna Russell, the committee's other co-chair, instructed committee members to plan what needs to be done before the weekend of the celebration, and she wants the group members to start planning when an event might occur during the course of a day.

In addition, the group is working to solidify its budget, Burkhardt said.

The Eudora City Council agreed to donate $10,000 to help bankroll the event.

As of now, the majority of the celebration is scheduled to happen over a two-day span the first weekend in October.

Some parts of the celebration are already set, including the Saturday unveiling of a bronze statue featuring the town's namesake ---- Eudora Fish. The statue depicts Eudora as a girl embracing her father, Chief Paschal Fish, the founder of the city.

The same day will coincide with the 2007 EudoraFest.

"We're trying to coordinate with the EudoraFest committee to make sure we don't duplicate what they're trying to do," Burkhardt said.

Each year, EudoraFest brings in vendors and games and hosts pageants and a talent show.

The sesquicentennial entertainment committee is considering bringing in acts to supplement EudoraFest, Burkhardt said.

"We're looking to have bands on Friday and Saturday nights, and possibly karaoke on Saturday," Burkhardt said.

In addition, the entertainment committee is looking into a possible fireworks exhibition the first day of the celebration. The fireworks would be part of a larger birthday theme for the evening.

The committee is preparing an advertising campaign to help drum up more support for the celebration, Burkhardt said.

"I think we're looking to contact a lot of businesses in town to participate," Burkhardt said.

While the majority of the group's focus centers on the two-day gala, the committee is also considering smaller events before October.

Some ideas discussed at the group's Tuesday meeting included the possibility of bringing in speakers earlier in the year or tying in with events at the July CPA picnic.

The committee is moving forward with the development of commemorative items.

The group will soon place an order for 500 sesquicentennial pins.

The pins will sell for $1.50 each and contain a design signifying the city's 150th anniversary.

In addition to the pin, the committee is considering publishing a commemorative booklet with historical Eudora photos and selling a throw blanket with iconic images of old Eudora.

Even without a cemented budget, the committee is moving along, Burkhardt said.

"It's actually done very well," he said. "It's kind of hard to figure out what we're going to do without having the budget set."

Committee members Cheryl Beatty and Tom Tucker said they would have a preliminary budget to the committee by its April 3 meeting.

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