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Statehouse briefing — Sebelius: Iraq commitment undermines Greensburg response

May 8, 2007

Here are today's headlines from Kansas government:

(KTKA) Sebelius says war has taken emergency equipment: As the people of Greensburg begin to try to put their lives and their town back together, they are forced to do so without the key equipment they need. "We have personnel on the group but about half our trucks are gone. We don't have front loaders or dump trucks. We don't have flatbeds that move heavy equipment," explained Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Those are supplies, the governor says, that the state's army and air national guard troops should have, but don't. Instead, those supplies are in Iraq for the war effort, and that's leaving national guard troops in Kansas and throughout the country seriously unprepared to handle natural disasters and other state emergencies.

(Harris News Service) Kansas left out of presidential primary: Millions of Americans could cast ballots in a presidential primary next February but Kansans won't be among them. State lawmakers ended their wrap-up session last week without setting aside $1.6 million for an election, leaving the decisions up to party caucuses for the fourth-straight election cycle.

(KC Star) State Board to consider sex education changes: The Kansas Board of Education is set to reverse itself again, this time on controversial standards on the teaching of sex education.

(LJW) Feds like what they see in Kansas Medicaid cleanup: A key federal official says Kansas is on the "right path" in straightening out its Medicaid funding mess.

(Wichita Eagle) Fat-reduction procedure being monitored: Kansas has become the first state to regulate lipodissolve, a procedure to reduce or eliminate fat.

(KC Star) JoCo legislators happy with school finance tweaks: Lawmakers from Johnson County began the just-completed legislative session with little hope that anything could be done to help schools here.

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