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Charter Ordinance deserves support

November 1, 2007

Charter Ordinance deserves support

Charter Ordinance 10 was passed by the Eudora City Council in order to help Eudora attract and maintain quality employees. The ordinance moved up the time for appointment and changed the appointment term from one year to two years. The hope is that existing and potential employees would view employment with the city of Eudora as a stable situation, giving Eudora a competitive advantage over cities that use one year appointments.

Charter Ordinance 10 does not affect the city's ability to terminate employment for good cause such as misconduct or poor performance. If an employee were to be properly terminated for good cause, the city's liability for that action would be no more than if Charter Ordinance 10 had never been passed.

The ordinance would, however, make good employees less vulnerable to non-renewal based upon political whim or patronage. Currently, appointments are made by the Mayor and approved by the City Council every year. In the re-appointment process, the Mayor and City Council may decide not to re-appoint an employee for any reason or no reason at all. This process subjects City employees to the possibility of losing their jobs every year even if the employee's performance had been flawless. The City Council passed Charter Ordinance 10 so that City appointees need only face the re-appointment process every two years instead of every year. For a growing city with a real need for continuity in personnel, the City Council believes that Charter Ordinance 10 is good for the City of Eudora.

I feel that Charter Ordinance 10 will help Eudora keep the good employees it has hired and find even more in the future. Please vote yes on Charter Ordinance 10.

Tom Pyle

Mayor, city of Eudora

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