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Chamber to have events at CPA Park

April 24, 2008

The Eudora Chamber of Commerce officially decided Thursday to have a concert from 6 to 9 p.m. June 6 in CPA Park.

The decision came after nearly four months of talks to develop events in downtown Eudora to support businesses in the area during the construction set to take place this summer.

President Doug Mateo said it was the intent of the Chamber to have events once a month at the park throughout the warmer months.

"The plan is essentially for this to become a monthly event, at least until the end of summer when it starts to get a bit cooler," he said. "The hope is that the next president after myself takes it and runs with it and keeps it alive."

Other activities in the park the Chamber hopes to develop are movies, an art festival and barbecue contest.

The Chamber also found out Thursday it would be able to have a farmers' market.

"It's a brainstorm that needs to become reality," Mateo said. "The challenge is figuring out a good location. The hard part also is finding the farmers who want to participate.

Mateo also is unsure what day of the week the event take place because there are nearby of farmers' markets in Lawrence, Baldwin and De Soto.

Chamber members have talked about being able to get local businesses the support they need from Eudora residents, but they also have talked about drawing more out of town interest in events.

Mateo does not believe the two goals are mutually exclusive, and views the goals in terms of how he views them for his own chiropractic practice.

"First, it takes support from local people, but as you grow and people from around the area find out what it is you do well, they will start to come from farther away because you're good at what you do," he said.

Mateo plans to develop committees to oversee the events, as there typically is not enough time during the Chamber's monthly meeting to figure out how to make each event successful.

"What needs to happen is everyone throws their ideas out onto the table, and from there we come up with one good solid idea and then you have to form a committee," he said.

He would like to see committees for marketing, booking of acts for concerts and booking vendors.


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