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Harsh economy increases need for donations

June 26, 2008

The unfortunate alliteration "pain at the pump" is currently seen or heard so often in the media that it seems to have become the motto of 2008, although it might share that honor with the unheard but still relevant "sorrow at the supermarket."

Few families are affluent enough not to feel the pinch from the combined price hikes for the basic needs of fuel and food. The inflationary pressure has many of us are re-evaluating established routines and habits. It forces choices that become bleaker as a family's economic circumstances become more tenuous. For some, it may be a decision on where to travel for a summer vacation. Others may choose to eat out less, change shopping behaviors to take advantage of bargains or maximize commuter trips or leave the SUV in the driveway in favor of a smaller but more economical vehicle. Those are adjustments but there are still others who can't make a meager paycheck stretch to meet basic needs in the current reality.

The Eudora Ministerial Alliance's at St. Paul United Church of Christ food pantry helps relieve that need. In the summer months, demand always increases because those children are home who for nine months are year are eligible for free and reduced-cost meals at school. At the same time, there are no school drives that do so much to help fill the pantry.

The community is very supportive of the food pantry. But with demand sure to increase as economic conditions become harsher, more of us in need to remember to contribute more often to the local food pantry.


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