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Wildgen hiring positive move for city of Eudora

June 4, 2009

The Eudora City Council’s decision to hire Mike Wildgen as interim city administrator is encouraging. With 32 years in city government, 16 as the former city manager of the city of Lawrence, there should few issues in Eudora he isn’t prepared to handle or with which he has had some experience.

What the city is getting is an experienced hand to prepare its 2010 budget. That could be a difficult assignment with the current recession. An administrator seasoned in revenue projections and who has a feel for what might happen on the local level as Topeka further feels the pinch could spare the city difficult course corrections in what is likely to be a troubled year ahead.

Wildgen should also give the city credibility in its search of a full-time administrator. Qualified candidates should have confidence someone competent has been minding the store while the search went forward. His appointment also signals the council’s willingness to appoint someone of strength to the position.

Overall, it was a quick and positive move that could serve the city very well in the future.


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